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Your Trusted Pain Medicine Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the medical field, Dr. Zaveri is a renowned expert in pain medicine right here in Phoenix, AZ. His impressive journey includes founding two successful pain management clinics and holding the prestigious position of Medical Director at the St. Luke’s Hospital Pain Center in Mountain Vista and Tempe St. Luke’s.

Specializing in cutting-edge medical techniques, and his extensive knowledge is backed by years of hands-on practice. Dr. Zaveri has consistently delivered hope and healing to patients who had previously lost hope of regaining a fulfilling, functional life.

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Comprehensive Care

We specialize in addressing a diverse range of joint and spinal conditions tailored to your unique diagnosis.

Our expertise covers a spectrum of conditions, including cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spine issues, as well as scoliosis and various medical concerns.

To kickstart your journey to wellness, securing an appointment is the critical first step. Allow us to provide you with a precise and comprehensive diagnosis, paving the way for a tailored treatment plan.

Your health is our priority.

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“I have been treated by Dr. Zaveri and would like to provide some context regarding him and his practice. His office is located in a good location. The office is clean and kept up well. The office staff is professional, kind and very responsive. Both Dr. Z and Dr. Patricia are top notch and I have so much confidence that my care is their top priority. They listen, really listen to my concerns and they partner with me to ensure that I am taken care of. I would highly recommend Dr. Zaveri and his practice for you to manage your pain and help with your pathway to a better tomorrow.”

-Lois C.

“This doctor and ALL his staff is amazing. They are kind, compassionate and get to the source of your pain to manage it effectively. I’ve been with them for approximately 3 years and am very pleased. Recently my husband had Dr Zaveri implant a back stimulator for back pain and neuropathy and it has made a huge difference in his walking and pain management. Shout outs to front office Olivia, Elizabeth who is Dr. Zaveris medical assistant and Patricia Mayborne NP-C …. Everyone is great!”

-Katherine B.

“Dr Zaveri is absolutely irreplaceable. I’ve been with him for about 7 yrs and feel better than I had in all the previous yrs with multiple different drs. I’ve been really enjoying life again since going to him. Also Liz is the best, she has been there since I started (many have come and gone) she will always listen and solve any problem she’s able to. You will never find better care in my humble opinion.”

-Kimberly L.

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