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PRP (platelet–rich plasma) therapy is a non-surgical medical procedure used to treat a variety of common conditions. It involves taking a sample of the patient’s own blood and concentrating the platelets in it by spinning it in a centrifuge. The concentrated platelets are then injected into the affected area to help promote healing and regeneration. This therapy has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, and joint and muscle pain. The platelets contain proteins that help to stimulate the healing process, and the concentrated platelets are believed to have anti–inflammatory and regenerative effects.

At Sonoran Pain & Spine, we work with our patients to treat a variety of conditions using PRP therapy . Schedule an appointment with board certified physician Dr. Minesh Zaveri and get a treatment plan in place that meets your specific needs.

“The entire experience from scheduling an appointment to walking out the door was fantastic. You really get the sense that this is a world class practice. They made me feel welcomed and did not rush through the visit. He, and his PA, answered all my questions and ensured I understood the prognosis and all possible directions of care moving forward. I’m very happy we came across SPS.”

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More Information for Patients Interested in PRP Therapy

Is PRP Therapy Painful

No, PRP therapy is generally not painful. The procedure usually involves drawing a small amount of blood, which can be uncomfortable, but after that it is typically not painful. Some patients may experience some minor discomfort when the platelets are injected into the affected area, but this is usually minimal.

Risks and side effects of PRP Therapy

The risks and side effects of PRP therapy are generally minor and temporary. Possible side effects include soreness, redness, and swelling at the injection site, as well as bruising. In rare cases, infection or nerve damage may occur. Other risks include allergic reactions to the injected material, and the possibility of the treatment not being effective. It’s vital that you consult with a certified medical professional before entering into a treatment plan. Sonoran Pain & Spine can help!

Tips for Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

  • Talk to your doctor about the best type of PRP therapy for your condition and the potential risks and benefits.
  • Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for pre– and post–treatment care.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before and after the procedure to help flush the platelets from your system.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 24–48 hours after the procedure.
  • Follow up with your doctor to ensure the therapy is working and to discuss any potential changes or adjustments.

What is a common PRP therapy treatment plan?

Everyone is different, and our patients needs are unique based on their goal for treatment. A common PRP therapy treatment plan usually involves a series of injections, usually three to four, spaced out over a period of several weeks. The exact number of injections and the frequency of the injections will depend on the patient’s condition and the severity of their symptoms. Some patients may require additional injections after the initial series. Consult with Sonoran Pain & Spine or another certified specialist in the area to find a PRP therapy plan thats right for you.

Why Choose Us for PRP Treatment?

In some cases, surgery may be recommended to treat a herniated disc and the root cause of your pain. It’s important to consult with Dr. Minesh Zaveri first and we’ll get you taken care of.

At Sonoran Pain & Spine we treat a variety of common conditions with non-surgical treatments like PRP therapy. Before your first treatment, we’ll perform thorough consultation with Dr. Minesh Zaveri to discuss your needs and create a treatment plan thats right for you. Click below to schedule an appointment today!

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