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The Sonoran Pain & Spine Difference

We believe in treating the whole patient, not just the pain. At Sonoran Pain & Spine, you’ll meet directly with Dr. Minesh Zaveri to develop a pain treatment plan that both relieves short-term pain and solves the underlying cause long-term, giving you a life back that is free of pain.

Whether non-surgical treatments like injections or physical therapy is right, or spine surgery is required, know your in the best possible care with Sonoran Pain & Spine.

At Sonoran Pain & Spine we are dedicated to relieving your joint, back & neck pain using best-in-class diagnostic techniques and pain treatment plans.

Our patients to live a full, enjoyable life free of pain.

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Dr. Minesh Zaveri, D.O.

Dr. Minesh Zaveri, D.O. is double board certified in Anesthesia and Pain Management. Trained by the leading experts in these two fields, Dr. Zaveri completed his initial anesthesia training at the University of Pittsburgh-Mercy followed by a pain fellowship at Temple University. Currently, he lectures and trains fellow pain management physicians on a national scale, leading workshops and several research studies to benefit physicians who aren’t aware of the latest treatments and techniques. These efforts enable these physicians to help their patients lead fulfilling lives.

Dr. Zaveri has previously founded two pain management clinics and served as the Medical Director for the St. Luke’s Hospital Pain Center in Mountain Vista as well as at Tempe St. Luke’s. Specializing in advanced medicine and techniques, and armed with extensive experience and knowledge, Dr. Zaveri has achieved success when working with patients who otherwise had little hope for a full and functional life.

Dr. Zaveri was the first pain management physician in the area to offer the breakthrough dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation procedure and technology. The revolutionary procedure helps with crippling neuropathic pain. He was also the first physician to offer Proclaim XR to patients, which is a low-dose spinal cord neurostimulation technology that combines proprietary low energy therapy with a low-dose protocol for effective pain relief.

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