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Sciatica is a very common type of back pain, and is relatively easy to diagnose and treat. The pain is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back to your legs and feet. As the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed and/or compressed, it will trigger a burning, shooting sensation in your feet, legs, buttocks and lower back. Sciatica can last for a few weeks (acute) or be a chronic condition that many adults face, though it typically does not result in permanent damage to the sciatica nerve.

At Sonoran Pain & Spine, we work with our patients to identify the cause of their sciatica pain and find a solution that will allow them to get back to doing their best. Schedule an appointment with board certified physician Dr. Minesh Zaveri and relieve the pain from sciatica.

“The entire experience from scheduling an appointment to walking out the door was fantastic. You really get the sense that this is a world class practice. They made me feel welcomed and did not rush through the visit. He, and his PA, answered all my questions and ensured I understood the prognosis and all possible directions of care moving forward. I’m very happy we came across SPS.”

Nick Garcia / patient

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Sciatica Pain Relief & Treatments

Most people with sciatica experience some level of pain, originating from the lower back and often extending down the leg. Sciatica can cause pain that increases with coughing, sneezing and straining, and it can also get worse with prolonged sitting or standing. However, it can vary depending on the level of pressure exerted on the nerve. Below are some common treatments for sciatica but if you are experiencing symptoms, schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

  • Ice and/or heat packs
  • Yoga & Stretching
  • Physical exercises to strengthen trunk & core
  • Manual spinal Manipulation
  • Over the counter & prescription medications
  • Epidural steroid injections

In some cases, surgery may be recommended to treat chronic sciatica and the root cause for your pain like degenerative disk disease, herniated disks, spondylosis and lumbar spinal stenosis amongst others. It’s important to consult with Dr. Minesh Zaveri first and we’ll get you taken care of

Why Choose Us for Sciatica Pain Treatment

Dr. Minesh Zaveri can treat a wide variety of joint & spinal ailments, depending on your diagnosis. Before starting on a treatment plan, it is of the utmost importance that we perform an accurate and thorough diagnosis of your sciatica pain.

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